Adypine acid (ADA)

Adypine acid (hexanode acid, butan-1.4-dicarboxyl acid) is an aliphatic dicarboxyl acid. It is a white odorless solid.Melting temperature: 150-153°C. It dissolves in alcohols, ethers and acetone. Difficult to dissolve in water.

Method of obtaining

It is obtained by oxidizing cyclohexanol, cyclohexanon or the mixture thereof (with the help of the nitric acid or N-hydroxyphthalimid as a catalyst).


It is used to produce nylon, insecticides, glues and softeners.

Storage and transport
It is not a hazardous substance and is classified as Xi, ie. not as an irritant. It should not be touched with naked hands since it causes irritations, and should not be exposed to open fire since it is flammable.

Chemical formula: C6 H10 O4
Density: 1.251 g/cm3
CAS: 124-04-9