Ethoxypropanol (EP)

Trade name: Ethoxypropanol

Chemical name of the compound: 1-ethoxypropan-2-ol

Synonyms: Ethoxypropanol, EP

Chemical and physical properties: Transparent, volatile and flammable colorless substance with delicate, ethereal fragrance. Good miscibility with water.

Application: Used in organic synthesis. Widely used as solvent in paint and coating industry. Applied in flexography as an inhibitor in the paint drying process.

Health safety: Store in hermetic packaging in a place with proper ventilation. EP is toxic, may be harmful to eyes. May cause sleepiness and vertigo. May cause slight skin irritation. Inhaling may cause air passages irritation.

Chemical formula: C5 H12 O2
Density: 0,887 g/cm3
CAS: 1569-02-4
WE/EINECS: 216-374-5
index: 603-117-00-8