Isopropylamine (MIPA)

Isopropylamine — an organic chemical compound from the amine group. A transparent liquid with an ammonia odor

Method of obtaining
It can be obtained from the isopropyl alcohol and ammonia in the presence of nickel/copper or a similar catalyst.

Isopropylamine is mainly used in herbicide compositions of glyphosate being the key component of atrazine (being another herbicide), a regulating agent for plastics, an intermediate compound in the organic synthesis of coating materials, plastics, chemical pesticides, rubber, pharmaceuticals and other, and as an additive in the petrol industry

Storage and transport
Store the containers tightly sealed in a dry and well ventilated place, protect against humidity

ADR/RID class: 3

Chemical formula: C3 H9 N
Density: 722.00 kg/m³
CAS: 75-31-0