Phenol (PHE)

Trade name: Phenol

Chemical name: Phenol,

Synonyms: Phenol, Hydroxybenzene, Phenol, Carbol, Carbolic Acid, Benzenol, Phenyl Acid, Fenic Acid.

Chemical and physical properties: Pure phenol is a colorless, crystalline solid. Well soluble in aqueous solutions of soaps and in organic solvents. Aqueous solutions of phenol, in contrast to neutral alcohols, have weak acidic properties.

Application: Production of phenol-formaldehyde resins, drugs, detergents, herbicides, fungicides and dyes. Cyclohexanone is synthesized directly from phenol – an intermediate for the production of, among others, polyamides (through caprolactam). It was used in an aqueous solution as a germicide. The aqueous phenol solution was used to disinfect the rooms.

Safety: Highly toxic and corrosive. It has a very destructive effect on mucous membranes and airways. It is suspected that it may cause genetic defects.

Chemical formula: C6H6O
Density: 1,07 g/cm³
Number CAS: 198-95-2